Oh, hello there…

Let me be the first to welcome you to our new site (if this is your first time here) and our new blog! We here at PhillyDnB thought that it would be a good idea to not only relaunch our site, but to also add new mediums for us to interact with the masses on a more personal level.

If you don’t already know, PhillyDnB is your one stop shop for everything Drum & Bass related in the Philadelphia area. Pretty fucking cool, no? We hold no bias to anyone. We are 100% here to keep you as informed as possible with everything that’s going on… as well as generating new & exclusive content. From events to podcasts, we have it all. And now, we bring you this new blog. It’s a more informal way to interact with you lot. It also allows us to try out some new things that we’ve wanted to do in the past, but haven’t been able to.

Interviews: Yup, coming soon, you’ll be able to find out some of the most interesting, non important, random and obscure facts about some of the more notable names in the scene. We’re going to be asking those questions that everyone wants to know like, “Over or Under on your toilet paper roll?” or “What size hat do you wear?” …you know, hard hitting stuff. Maybe we’ll toss in a question about Drum & Bass or two. Maybe… we’ll see.

Reviews: Want to know how the sound is at certain clubs in the city? Unsure if that new LP is worth picking up? Is that new monthly really going hard enough to handle your wild Jungle needs? We’ll be spending some time informing you about everything from music and art to events and venues. My fingers are already cramping up from the thought.

So there you have it. We’re going full force here in 2015. TheeFunklord & Myself are here to infrom. We’ll also be featuring some guest bloggers in the near future to add some insight from different perspectives. Cool shit! So stay tuned and hold tight

P.S. if you have blog ideas or suggestions…or if you are interested in being a PhillyDnB Blog contributor, email: general@phillydnb.com