Podcast 007: Dominion


1. Dominion – “The Floating World”
2. Dominion & Godfather Sage – “Reckless Talk”
3. Dominion – “Ju-On”
4. Dominion – “Cavedweller”
5. Dominion – “Mathematics”
6. Dominion – “Sceptre”
7. Dominion – “Gabriella”
8. Dominion – “One Minute Past”
9. Dominion – “Stranded”
10. Dominion – “Sparkling Ice Water”


11. Dominion – “Flytime”
12. Dominion – “Bliss”
13. Dominion – “Filthy Christmas”
14. Dominion – “Medco”
15. Godfather Sage – “Bounce” (Dominion Remix)
16. Dominion – “Flytime” (Godfather Sage Remix)

Dominion consists of Jon Lipman (Breaktheory) and Clayton Jones (Clay Nyse). Jon and Clayton both come from a DJ background in Philly, often playing the same late-nineties parties and club nights. It wasn’t until 2004 in NYC that they actually met and started making tunes as a unit! In the 7th installment of the PhillyDNB.com Podcast series, Dominion brings you an exclusive mix of their latest productions. Sit back and enjoy an hour long flow of dancefloor Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep and deeply textured sonic landscapes. Baltimore’s favorite son, Godfather Sage, also lends his talents with a remix of the dirty south inspired “Flytime”.