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Welcome back! After a two year hiatus, PhillyDnB is back. We’ve rebranded, upgraded and re energized ourselves. With so much change in the EDM landscape, we are glad to be able to provide a one stop shop for everything Drum & Bass related in the city of brotherly love! New site, new podcast series entries and a ton more content, we’re locked and loaded for things to come!

So please, take a look around and enjoy. Tell your friends. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us: general@phillydnb.com

PhillyDnB Blog

With it being a positive and content filled time in the Philadelphia Drum & Bass scene, having a stand alone website isn’t enough. Social platforms like Twitter & Instagram help but we feel that we can get our hands even dirtier and really hit some untapped resources and with that mind set, we present the PhillyDnB Blog! Here you will be able to get a more frequant stream of new & excluisve content including interviews, reviews and other peices of content. Main bloggers Grayfox & TheeFunklord along with special guests are loading up to bring you the goods!

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Imperial :: Philadelphia

Imperial has been the premier Drum & Bass event in Philadelphia for the past two years. Following in the footsteps of previous events like Platinum & Bedlam, Imperial is carving out it’s own identity. Starting from the ground up, Brad (Contact High), Harry (Destin) and crew started on a path of not only developing a strong following but were one of the few teams really keeping the local scene alive. The level of talent that has come through to date include such world renonwed names as Doc Scott, Bailey, DLR, ASides, Klute & Trace (to name a few).

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Open Koncept

Open Koncept is a new local based merchandise company started up by two local vets, Kevin Concept & Dr. Stepper. This brand embodies the vibe of our local scene. With innovated designs and quality products, this brand is sure to take the music world by storm. I mean, really, who doesn’t want a shirt that says “Fleek Squad” on it?!?! Open Koncept is now an official sponsor of PhillyDnB! Stay tuned for exclusive goodies coming from this brand new partnership. Head on over to our Shop to get a taste of what they have for sale and check back for deals and exclusives!

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The American Jungle :: Documentary

Our Mission Statement:

“To create a documentary / film that educates, entertains, and stimulates the senses while capturing the energy, love, and individualism that seperates Drum and Bass from any other type of music. We will show the world Drum & Bass / Jungle’s impact on the North American Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene.”

From the mind of Drum & Bass visionary, Jeremy Ballard and his team, we are on the verge of having the end all be all documentary about the American Drum & Bass scene. This project has taken this group across the United States that landed them in every major city including here in Philadelphia. We are anxious to see the final product that is soon to arrive.

< —– Make sure to check out the final trailer out now! Viewing party and PhillyDnB event coming in 2016

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